Free anime MMO rewards up for grabs in our NosTale giveaway

MMOs that last more than a couple of years are few and far between. So, for a game like NosTale, which is in its 16th year and is still fairly popular with its fans who have built a welcoming community around it, that’s no mean feat. In this free MMO, you are an adventurer taking on the role of a swordsman, archer, or mage, all of which have vastly different playstyles and specializations.

Nostale also allows you to tame wild animals and train them to be useful allies in battle, and if you need to take a break from exploring the land, you can also maintain your home, tend to your garden, and host parties with all your friends.

To celebrate the recent release of NosTale Act 9 – Secrets of the Undercity, we’re giving away in-game codes for the MMO game that will unlock one of four NosTale mini pets that accompany you and provide stat benefits to your character. As soon as the code is redeemed and the pet is equipped, you will have it for 30 days. These mini pets are available in a non-tradeable version, and when equipped, all attacks and defenses increase by 3%. The pets you could get include:

  • Mini Pet – Gryphon
  • Mini Pet – Black Dragon
  • Mini Pet – Phoenix
  • Mini Pet – Blue Phoenix

To be in with a chance of winning one of these NosTale mini pet codes, you can use the widget below. Best of luck!

PCGN – NosTale mini pets giveaway

Of course, you don’t need to wait to hop into NosTale, as it’s available now as a free PC game. You can check out the anime game for yourself by going to the Steam page to see if it’s the MMO for you.

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